Lemons photo


Lemons day 1




This one gave me a bit of trouble.  I worked on this painting in the evening, and was feeling pretty good about it.  Then, when I saw it again in the morning, I didn’t like it as much.  The contrast between the background and the lemons was not right, and the shadows looked muddy and unresolved.  Also, I didn’t like the way the back of the table was intersecting with the lemon on the right. So I worked on it again this morning, and am feeling a lot better about it.



Lemons day 2

This is the result of day 2.  I lowered the horizon line of the table.  Darkened the background and the cloth overall, and clarified the shadows of the lemons. Below is a time lapse video of my painting process. It shows in the beginning how I tried several times to get the composition right.  My camera died in the middle of the first session, so there is a big jump ahead in the middle.


8×10 oil on hardboard